Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)
Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)

Moradness Madness eSport Cup (Sold Out)

Regular price $65.00 CAD

Moradness Madness (eSport Cup)



Please note that we will not issue any refund for this event. You are only allowed to transfer your ticket to the person of your choice, should you not be able to make the event. 

What is it? For the first time ever, we're coming to you with a Moradness Madness eSport Cup! This time, we're taking the challenge to the virtual world, in a state of the art racing simulation centre. You'll be competing with your team for the ultimate virtual honours against a vast range of racing enthusiasts and drivers. Pizza and drinks on site, Moradness products and prizes to the podium finishers. 

When: Sunday, February 3rd, 2018 (12:00PM - 3:30PM)

Where: Simulation 1 Systems - 170 Esna Park Drive, Unit #10, Markham, ON, Canada 

What's included: The entry fee to join the event is $65.00 CAD

This includes: 

  • 1 entry to participate in the eSport Cup (see details below)
  • Complimentary food and beverages on site
  • A Moradness exclusive promo
  • The podium finishing teams will receive a prize

*Guests are FREE to attend the event and shop the Moradness collection 

*No minimum age requirement


3 drivers per team will compete against each other in an eSport competition for the ultimate virtual title, using Gran-Turismo Sport on PS4. Thrustmaster T300RS GT wheels with TH8A Shifter and pedals will be utilized during this competition. 

Race format: Teams will be split into 2 groups, utilizing 5 simulators per group. Group A & B will be split by lottery. Groups will practice and complete their first elimination race together. The top 2 finishing teams from group A and group B will automatically be placed in the A Final. The bottom 2 from each group will automatically be placed in the B Final. The 3rd place finishing team from both groups will be split based upon fastest lap time in the heat race. Every participant will have equal competition time. While one group is on track, the other one can enjoy the lounge area as well as the Premium simulators with virtual reality goggles, motion and top of the line simulation equipment, (utilizing the iRacing platform). 

You can create your own team of 3 and sign up using our team registration option, or you can sign up individually and be randomly paired with other individual registrants. 

11:30pm - 12:15pm: Arrival, meet & greet, shopping, food

12:15pm - 12:30pm: Group separation lottery, presentation and briefing 

12.30pm - 12:55pm: Practice Session - Group A

12:55pm - 1:20pm: Patrice Session - Group B

1:20pm - 1:50pm: Race 1 - Group A (2 mandatory driver changes)

1:50pm - 2:20pm: Race 1 - Group B  (2 mandatory driver changes)

2:20pm - 2:55pm: Final race - Group B (2 mandatory driver changes)

2:55pm - 3:30pm: Final race - Group A (2 mandatory driver changes)

3:30pm - 3:45pm: Podium, prizes, pictures, shopping



  • It's a unique experience and so much fun and it's our first eSport competition!
  • The chance to test drive professional grade motion simulators. 
  • You can shop our brand WITHOUT paying for shipping!
  • Overall, an amazing social event to network and make new memories!


 *Individual regular value of $130.00 - You will receive 1 detailed emails with important information regarding the event, in January 2019. 

*Tickets are transferable but non-refundable. If you have purchased your ticket  but can no longer attend the event, it will be impossible for us to refund your purchase, due to team and rental commitments. You can however give or sell your ticket to the person of your choice. You will need to let us know as soon as possible, regardless of the option you choose. 

*Kids are welcome to attend, however please note that it is not a kids' event. Supervision or entertainment will not be provided. You are responsible for the supervision of your children. 

*Allergy statement: on-site catering may contain or come into contact with wheat, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, milk, mustard, soya, fish and shellfish. We advise not to eat the food provided during the event if you are allergic to any of these allergens.