Moradness Karting Experiences

Intro: In late 2017, we launched Moradness Madness, a fun, inclusive (and a little bit competitive) karting event for our customers. Fast forward to end of 2020 and we've organized more than 6 single events, a full karting championship of 5 endurance races and another one coming Summer 2021. 

The mission: Whether it's a single event or an endurance championship, our mission with these events are to grow a RAD community of like-minded and passionate people, to create a place where motorsport enthusiasts can perfect their skills on track with the help of race car driver Daniel Morad all while having a blast and meeting some of the most amazing people. Bonus point: a vast variety of motorsport related prizes from our loyal partners. 

Where are the events taking place: At the moment, our events are all taking place in the Toronto area in Ontario, Canada. We partner with some of the best indoor and outdoor go-karting facilities. 

Who can participate: ANYONE over the age of 16 years old for our adult experiences and championship. Amateurs and semi-pros are welcome to join any of our events. Stay tuned for our first kids karting experience coming soon!

About the first endurance championship: In 2020 we launched our first 5-endurance race karting championship in partnership with UltraRay Motorsports. The championship consisted of 16 teams of 3 drivers competing in 2-hour  endurance races. The ultimate prize: a fully paid race weekend with UltraRay Motorsports to compete in a 944 cup car in the Lucky Dog Series Canada. We are glad to announce that the first championship winning team was: More Rad Than You and they will make their race debut this coming Summer (2021). 

2021 Karting Championship: It's coming up! Stay tuned for an announcement and registrations at the end of the January 2021. 

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