FAQ - Moradness Karting Championship

 How many races will there be?

  • 5 races. 3 at Goodwood Kartways, and 2 at Mosport Karting Centre.

What is the total cost?

  • $1050.00 CAD + Tax

Do I have to pay all at once?

  • No. We have organized 8 instalment payments, which need to be fulfilled every month from February 2021 to August 2021. If you sign up later, you will have to catch up on the payments and might have to pay a higher amount at once. 

Will the track configuration change each time?

  • There will be a new configuration for each event. 

Do I need a team of 3 to sign up?

  • No. You can sign up as an individual or with another friend. In that case, you will be paired up with other racers to form a team of 3. 

What if I can't make 1 of the races?

  • You can miss one race and it won't affect the points in the championship. You will however have to find your replacement for the race you are missing. 

Do you have a schedule?

  • July 10 - Mosport Karting Centre
  • July 25 - Goodwood Kartways
  • August 8 - Goodwood Kartways
  • August 28 - Mosport Karting Centre
  • September 4 - Goodwood Kartways (Night race with fireworks)

    What kind of karts will be used?

    • High performance arrive and drive karts. 

    Do I need to bring my own go kart?

    • No. Karts are provided by the venues.

    Do I need to bring my own suit and helmet?

    • You can bring your own suit and helmet if you wish. However, each venue will supply you with a suit and a helmet. 

    Do I need to wear gloves on track?

    • Yes you do. You can purchase a pair of Moradness gloves or wear any other karting gloves you own. 

    Will you have food and drinks available at each race?

    • Yes. We will provide food and drinks to all our events. However, we recommend you bring your own food and drinks if you have dietary restrictions or allergies. We are not responsible for allergies and our food may have been in contact with nuts.  

    What's included for 1 ticket to participate?

    • 5 race championship
    • Food and drinks on site
    • Participation in the Team Spirit Award to win prizes at each race
    • Exclusive Moradness promos

    What is the grand prize?

    • A fully paid race weekend with Ultraray Motorsports in their Porsche 944 Cup car during a Lucky Dog Canada racing series weekend. The dates will be confirmed soon. 

    Who gets to drive the 944 Cup car?

    • Each driver of the Championship winning team will be able to drive the car. (3 total). 

    Do I need a racing license to race the 944 Cup car?

    • No you don't. We chose a series that would allow anyone to drive without a proper racing license. 



    • No refunds for this championship unless we are unable to postpone a race due to COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions. If we are clear to race and you don't feel comfortable because of the pandemic, you will not receive a refund. Refunds will only be issues as a last resort if we can't race at all. 
    • If you or your teammates can't make the championship anymore, you can find a replacement. We will however not be able to refund you. You have to find your own replacement and exchange your ticket with that person. Please let us know as soon as possible of your plans and replacement driver(s). 

    I can't race anymore but already paid 1 instalment payment. Can I get a refund?

    • Unfortunately, if you've already paid a part of your ticket, that means we committed to your entry and have already confirmed you in the line up with the different venues. Therefore, we are not able to issue any refunds for what's already been paid. You will have to find a replacement that can buy the ticket from you. However, we will not request the remainder of the payment. You will not have to pay the other instalment payments to us. You have to let us know as soon as possible of your change of plans. 

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    Have more questions? Please contact us at customer@moradness.com