How Rad Are You: Richard Heistand

How Rad Are You: Richard Heistand
After racing in the Skip Barber National Championship and Champ Car Atlantic between 2005-2007, American race car driver Richard Heistand stepped away from racing. He returned in 2018 after a decade away from the sport to run Porsche SuperCup in Europe and is currently racing for Aim Vasser Sullivan and Lexus racing USA in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar championship.

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Where are you from?

Orlando, Florida

Describe yourself in 3 words:

Eccentric, Straight Forward, Intense but Funny (Ok that was more than 3 words). 

What's the best part about your sport?

A good battle on track! We don’t get them all the time but a great back and forth fight is what I go racing for.

How did you start racing?

I took a Skip Barber racing school at 21 and with 1 race under my belt enter the skippy national championship back in 2005. 

Favourite track(s)?

Lime Rock, VIR, Road America. That’s a best memories list! 

Greatest accomplishment yet as an Athlete? 

I’m proud of what I did in skip barber back in 06 but I suppose it would be winning two races and getting a pole this year in IMSA GTD in my first season particularly since I hadnt raced in over 10 years prior to 2018.

Do you have a pre-race ritual and/or superstition?

Nah I’m neurotic enough I don’t need to add to it haha!

If you were not racing, what would you do as a career?

Well I did do real estate but I think I should have been an airplane repo guy. Or maybe I could join the sea Shepard’s on whale wars. Is that show still on? Those clowns need help!

What does the word "Rad" mean to you?

I think of like a 90’s surfer movie or something lol



What’s your guiltiest pleasure?

Running to really embarrassing music I wouldn’t admit to listening to haha

What’s something you wish you didn’t spend so much money on?

Random nonsense on amazon. Ill get these ideas that I need something stupid and expedite the shipping and it turns out I don’t need it at all.

Favourite app?


Most played song at the moment?

See the answer to outside track limits question 1. 

What are you best known for?

Well my girlfriend says I’m adorable.

What would your pet say about you?

He would say I take him out way more than his mommy does.

Who’s one person or company you think everyone should be following on social media?

Well I am very jealous of Daniel Morad's Instagram account! It’s first class.

Which Moradness hat is your favourite? 

Hmm I think I’d have to go with the “All In”. It speaks to me.

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*You can follow Richard on Instagram @Richardheistand

All In Hat

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