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There's a lot that goes on in creating hat designs. That's probably why it's an amazing feeling once new collections are ready and out! What's got to be even better is when our clients not only wear their hats but choose a certain style because it's speaks to them. Whether it's the colour, the fit or the artwork, there's a real attachment to the design they choose and it becomes somewhat of a fashion art piece they wear to complete a look. 

When we first launched Moradness, we always had the idea of offering unique pieces. We won't kid ourselves, there are tons of hat brands on the market. What would make us different? We chose to push the under brim design as much as we could since:

A) It's not something we had seen much

B) An under brim is like a blank canvas, it needs colour and is full of possibilities! 

Moradness is primarily a racing inspired lifestyle brand but we didn't want to stop ourselves there. I'd say half of our collection has car related themes and the rest is inspired by our travels, our country, the city of Toronto, colourful patterns and original textures. 

There are many different things to think about when making a hat. On our end, we take care of colours, embroidery size, the fit, the shape and logos. We receive samples, we adjust them, we make new ones and we add the small details such as woven labels. 

However when we create a new hat, the first step is always to know what we will print under the brim. Most of our styles start from that point. It's interesting because the hat becomes more than just a product. It becomes about the story behind the design. 

For our Winter collection, we're taking things to the next level and getting out of the comfort zone that is the under brim. Want to know more? Ha! You'll have to wait just a little longer. ;)

In the meantime, WE WANT to know what's YOUR favourite Moradness hat or under brim design and why? Tell us in the comment section below:

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